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Welcome to East Central Middle School!

  •  East Central Middle School Vision Statement

    The vision of East Central Middle School is

    to empower our students to be

    highly educated, responsible, independent thinkers

    who will be productive members of our community.


    Report cards were mailed out for students
    who have returned all textbooks, library books, and
    have no fines Thursday, May 28. 
    If you need to return books,
    please bring them to the middle school office Monday-Thursday, 8am-3pm.


    Please call ECMS at 228.588.7009 
    f you do not receive your child's 2020-2021 Registration Active Code via email on June 8, 2020.



    Any updates for JCSD will be posted on our district website.
    Please check there to be updated on any news.


    Attention Parents and Community Members:
    We need your help!

    Please complete this brief online survey to help us develop our School Improvement Plan.
    Click here Online Survey



    East Central Middle School
    Teacher of the Year
    Mrs. Amanda Kaye Williams
    Mrs. Amanda Kaye Williams
    7th Grade Social Studies

    February Featured Teachers

    Mrs. Kimberly Giacone                      Mrs. Sutherland
                        Mrs. Kim Giacone                                             Mrs. Kim Sutherland                        


    January Featured Teachers

    Mrs. Sarah Brewer                       Mrs. Jennifer Brown
    Mrs. Sarah Brewer                                                  Mrs. Jennifer Brown

    December Featured Teachers

    Mrs. Rita Buckley                         Mrs. Angela Myrick
    Mrs. Rita Buckley                                    Mrs. Angela Myrick


    November Featured Teachers

    Mrs. Marcia Hodges                        Mr. Matt Waltman      
                          Mrs. Marcia Hodges                                         Mr. Matt Waltman                       

    October Featured Teachers

    Mrs. Dearman                   Mrs. Hawes
    Mrs. Dearman                                                      Mrs. Hawes

    September Featured Teachers

    Mrs. Davis                     Mrs. Riley
    Mrs. Davis                                                          Mrs. Riley


     August Featured Teachers

    Coach Burgess                      Mrs. Grierson

        Coach Burgess                                             Mrs. Grierson

    We are grateful to you all for helping make ECMS a SUCCESS!