FabLab Jackson County
  • About the FABLAB

    A FABLAB consists of a suite of digital fabrication and rapid prototyping machines, including a large computer numerical control (CNC) router (the ShopBot), a vinyl cutter, a laser engraver, an electronics work bench, a 3D printer, and the accompanying computers and software for design, programming, and machine communications. This equipment allows students to use computer-aided design to make almost anything they can imagine. Fab Labs across the world share the same foundation of machines and processes and are linked through video conferencing and online tools.

  • We provide:

    • Certified instructors

    • Equipment, including:

      • Large computerized numerical control (CNC) router: the ShopBot

      • 3D desktop mill and scanner

      • Vinyl cutter

      • Laser engravers

      • 3D printers and accompanying computers and software for designing

      • Programming and machines communications