• The mandatory pre-bid meeting will begin at the entrance of St. Martin Middle School on March 7th at 9AM.  We will proceed as a group to the other schools.  This will be your chance to review the scope of cleaning responsibilities.


    Question 1: I’m not seeing any information on the size or square footage of the schools or buildings.  Do you have that information? 

    Answer 1: This will be the responsibility of the bidder to capture during the walkthrough.  Please keep in mind that school will be in session and access to classrooms will be limited.


    Question 2: Can you please tell me who the incumbent contractor is and also provide the cleanable sq. ft. of each building?

    Answer 2: The current provider of custodial services at St. Martin is J&L Janitorial Company


    March 7:

    Question 3: Are chemicals the responsibility of the vendor?

    Answer 3: All chemicals shall be the responsibility of the Jackson County School District.  The awarded vendor shall work with the school district to determine the proper amount of chemicals to be purchased by the district.


    Question 4: How much was the last contract for?

    Answer 4: The last contract included chemicals for stripping and waxing and was awarded for $440,000


    NOTE: The bus barn and all cafeterias have been removed from daily service.  Stripping and Waxing will still need to be performed.

    NOTE: Please quote the baseball facility, old football fieldhouse, and new football fieldhouse separately as a single additional price.  GYM Locker rooms should be included in BASE price.

    NOTE: Contract is for one 12 month period -- June 1st to May 31st.

    NOTE: Stripping and Waxing shall be formed in its entirety once per year.  In addition, high traffic areas (hallways and troublesome spots) should be redone once throughout the year.

    NOTE: We are requesting at least two day people per site.  The Supervisor should be at the school two hours before school starts to address possible issues.  At SMHS, there MAY be a need for an additional person to assist with the GYM area.

    NOTE: The EXTERIOR of SECOND STORY windows may be cleaned once per year as opposed to twice as mentioned in the RFP

    NOTE: We are asking for 5 coats of wax to be applied in high traffic areas (Hallways, cafeterias, etc)  Classrooms shall receive 4 coats of wax. (Revision of what is stated on Page 20)


    Enrollment Information:

    • High School - 1246
    • Middle School - 997
    • Upper Elementary - 651
    • North Elementary - 548
    • East Elementary - 673

    March 8:

    Question 5: During the walk thru this morning the Performance Bond was mentioned. Please confirm that a Performance Bond is not required for this solicitation:

    Answer 5: A performance bond is NOT required as this is not new construction.


    Question 6: The contract is to begin on June 1st. 2022, please confirm that the successful contractor is to have all school VCT floors stripped and re-coated by the school opening in August 2022.

    Answer 6: Correct.  This contract is scheduled to begin June 1st.  As such the selected vendor will be responsible to stripping and waxing the VCT flooring by August of 2022.


    Question 7: During the walk thru this morning, it was mentioned that each school is to have two full time day porters at each school, with the exception of the High School which is to have two full time and one part time day porter, please confirm.

    Answer 7: We are asking for the staffing level required to facilitate the needs of the school.  It was mentioned that it would be nice to have a dedicated person for the high school gym.  We are leaving the staffing level up to the vendors subject to I.A,  I.C, and I.XI on pages 15 and 17 of the RFP.



    Question 8: As for the window cleaning, please confirm that the inside is to be done twice per month, and all exterior windows are to be cleaned twice annually.

    Answer 8: This is correct with the exception of the exterior side of second story windows which may be reduced to once per year.


    Question 9: Who is responsible to pay for and replace any damaged or broken restroom dispensers?

    Answer 9: The Jackson County School District will be responsible for replacing these items.