• Department of Special Education

    The Department of Special Education serves students of the Jackson County School District with diverse learning needs and abilities through a continuum of services in the least restrictive environment in partnership with parents, teachers, and administrators.

    IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act):  Entitles every student to a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment (LRE) through their local school district from age 3 to age 21.  To ensure a FAPE, a team of professionals from the local educational agency meets with the student's parents to identify the student's unique educational needs, to develop annual goals for the student, and to determine the placement, program modification, testing accommodations, counseling, and other special services to meet the student needs. An Individualized Educational Program (IEP) is developed and implemented to address the student needs and meets the guidelines of federal and state educational agencies. The following are disabilities identified under IDEA:

    • Autism
    • Specific Learning Disability
    • Intellectual Disability
    • Other Health Impairments
    • Emotional Disabilities
    • Hearing Impairments
    • Visual Impairments
    • Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Deaf-Blindness
    • Developmental Delays
    • Speech-Language Impairments
    • Multiple Disabilities
    • Orthopedic Impairments

    Students who meet state criteria for identification with one of the above-listed disabilities may be eligible to have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) developed.  The purpose of an IEP is to provide specialized instruction to bridge academic and functional gaps in learning between students with disabilities and same-aged peers.

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    Under federal law, special education records, which have been collected by the Jackson County School District relating to identification, evaluation, educational placement, and provision of special education services, must be retained for a minimum of five years after special education services to the student have ended. Special education services end when the student is no longer eligible for services by graduating with a traditional diploma, or completing his or her educational program at age 22.


    Prior to the destruction of special education records, individuals 18 years of age and older or parents/guardians of dependent individuals have the right to review and/or obtain copies of these records. These records may be of use when applying for Social Security benefits, rehabilitation services, college entrance, etc. Records on students who were enrolled in a special education program in the Jackson County School District with a date of birth on or before December 31, 1996 are scheduled for destruction during the month of October 2024.


    If you wish to maintain student records for your personal records and for any questions or more information, contact the Special Education Department at (228) 826-0152. Positive identification will be required before the records can be released to the individual.  



    Gwendolyn Stallworth, Director

    Special Education Department

    Jackson County School District

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