Attendance Policy

    •  A student shall be present for sixty (60) minutes of class time to be counted present.
    • Students attending classes at the Technology Center must be present for five minutes more than half the class period to be counted present.
    • Two absences of each nine-week grading period will be considered excused if a parent note is provided upon return to school.
      • These excuses are to be turned in to the office before the first bell rings to start the school day.
      • Excuses will only be accepted up to 2 days after the student returns to school. (Refer to General Attendance Section)
    • Students missing 5, 10, and 12 unexcused days will be referred to the Attendance Officer.
    • Upon the 10th consecutive unexcused absence the student will be withdrawn from school and referred to the truancy officer for attendance intervention.
    • Upon the 10th unexcused absence throughout the school year, the student will be referred to TST.
    • The Jackson County School District does not recognize or sanction senior skip day or skip day for any other grade.

    See JCSD School Board Policy JAB and ADE.