• Reading/Language Arts

      Week of: March 16 - 20

     Don't let what you can't do stop you from what you can do.  - John Wooden



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  • Reading Skills: 

    Reading Skills:

    Using Multiple Sources for Writing and Speaking

    (Comprehension Test on March 26)

    Reading Vocabulary  (Quiz on Thursday, 03/19 - Jones, Smith, Poole, Stewart) 

    1. regal - resembling, or fit for a monarch; royal, kingly, queenly, princely
    2. caravan - a large group of people, traveling together in a single file
    3. susceptible - likely or liable to be influenced or harmed by a particular thing
    4. contorted - twist or bend out of its normal shape (past tense)
    5. clenched - to press tightly together, especially with anger or determination (past tense)
    6. fate - the development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power
    7. expectancy - the state of thinking or hoping that something, especially something pleasant, will happen
    8. menacing - suggesting the presence of danger; threatening
    9. barracks - a building or group of buildings used to house soldiers
    10. efficient - achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense

    Reading Vocabulary  (Quiz on Thursday, 03/19 - Thrash, Champagne, Seay, Barton) 

    Students will refer to Flocabulary packet for definitions.

    Students can still earn 5 bonus points for vocabulary word, definition(s), synonym, and antonym.    

    1. ample - plenty; more than enough
    2. collaborate - to work together, especially on a piece of work or art
    3. concise - short and to the point; saying a lot in a few words
    4. distinct - different; not the same as others
    5. diversity - having different types together; variety
    6. dominate - to rule over, control, or tower above
    7. ignite - to set fire; to burn
    8. linger - to stay in place longer than expected
    9. mimic - to imitate or copy an action (often to make fun of someone)
    10. objective - a goal or purpose
    11. parody - a funny imitation
    12. rural - out in the country or related to the country
    13. strive - to try hard; to struggle to accomplish something
    14. superior - better than; above average
    15. urban - having to do with the city; city-like
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  • Language Arts Skills: 

    Review of Grammar Skills (Spelling and Language Quiz on Wednesday, 03/18)


    1. excuse
    2. scene
    3. muscle
    4. explore
    5. pledge
    6. journal
    7. science
    8. schedule
    9. gigantic
    10. scheme
    11. Japan
    12. excellent
    13. exclaim
    14. fascinate
    15. ginger
    16. scholar
    17. scent
    18. dodge
    19. smudge
    20. schooner

    BONUS: extraordinary, reminisce, acknowledge, prejudice, allergic



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  • March Students of the Month

    Mrs. Barton - Cameron Odom

    Mrs. Champagne - Austin Dees

    Mrs. Jones - Danielle Aycock

    Mrs. Poole - Brooklyn Craven

    Mrs. Seay - Emmie Saybe

    Mrs. Smith - Rylee Sykes

    Mrs. Stewart - Nolan Ruiz

    Ms. Thrash - Caleb Robinson


    February Students of the Month

    Mrs. Barton - Devyn Hoda

    Mrs. Champagne - Eliza Hernandez

    Mrs. Jones - Logan Creasy

    Mrs. Poole - 

    Mrs. Seay - Ella Zakrie

    Mrs. Smith - 

    Mrs. Stewart - Aniyah Franklin

    Ms. Thrash - Sarah Schiefelbein


    January Students of the Month

    Mrs. Barton - Addison Flurry

    Mrs. Champagne - Ashlynn Griffith

    Mrs. Jones - Quinton McCauley

    Mrs. Poole - 

    Mrs. Seay - Carly Wyatt

    Mrs. Smith - Kamrin Davison

    Mrs. Stewart - Nataly Ochoa

    Ms. Thrash - Cayla Richards


    December Students of the Month

    Mrs. Barton - Caden Alspaugh

    Mrs. Champagne - Bella Gauthier

    Mrs. Jones - Addison Locklear

    Mrs. Poole - 

    Mrs. Seay - Kale Fant

    Mrs. Smith - Karsen Watson

    Mrs. Stewart - Collin Murphy

    Ms. Thrash - Bella Hand


    November Students of the Month

    Mrs. Barton - Braelynn Simmons

    Mrs. Champagne - Braden McCauley

    Mrs. Jones - Cailyn Brooks

    Mrs. Poole - 

    Mrs. Seay - Zen Mundell

    Mrs. Smith - 

    Mrs. Stewart - Alex Pylate

    Ms. Thrash - Kaden Alexander


    October Students of the Month

    Mrs. Barton - Kaydan Shimp

    Mrs. Champagne - Kyler Autrey

    Mrs. Jones - Keeli Reynolds

    Mrs. Poole - 

    Mrs. Seay - Addyson Broadus

    Mrs. Smith - 

    Mrs. Stewart - Megan Watts

    Ms. Thrash - Gabby Claire Allred


    September Students of the Month

    Mrs. Barton - Layla Watts

    Mrs. Champagne - Kimberly Thorpe

    Mrs. Jones - Tommy Patterson

    Mrs. Poole - Bryce Warden

    Mrs. Seay - Sam Voyles

    Mrs. Smith - Presleigh Tapp

    Mrs. Stewart - Kyler Johnson

    Ms. Thrash - Jacob Eyring


    August Students of the Month

    Mrs. Barton - Holden Evans

    Mrs. Champagne - Samantha Schiefelbein

    Mrs. Jones - Catherine Hernandez

    Mrs. Poole - Nevaeh Pack

    Mrs. Seay - Niyah Hughes

    Mrs. Smith - 

    Mrs. Stewart - Fisher Hall

    Ms. Thrash - Madison Hutchens



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