A - School District Organization

AA - School District Legal Status MAEP

AAA - School District Liability Exemptions

AB - School Board Legal Status

ABA - Authority

ABB - Board Powers and Duties

ABBA - General Home Rule Authority

ABC - Board Member Legal Status

ABCA - Number of Board Members

ABCB - Board Members Qualifications

ABCC - Board Member Term of Office

ABCD - Method of Election

ABCDA - Board Member Unexpired Term Fulfillment

ABCE - Oath of Office

AD - Student Assignment / School Boundaries

ADA - School Census

ADB - Average Daily Attendance

AE - School Year

AEA - School Calendar

AEAA - Vacations

AEAB - Holidays

AEBA - Extended School Year/Summer School Programs

AF - School Day

AFA - Flag Display